How I Learnt to Love My Body Without Spending Money

Do you love your body? Or do feel like God outsourced the creation of some parts of you whenever you look in the mirror? Maybe, like I did before I learnt to love my body, you hate your body shape. You probably wish your upper body isn’t so much bigger than your lower half.

These thoughts can discourage you, make you self-conscious and steal your joy. Even when you’re wearing an aso-ebi that costs a lot of money, you wonder if the people you see laughing around a table are laughing at you.

You are not alone sis.

We all have our insecurities, some of us in more areas than one. Sometimes our insecurities have such hold on us. Sometimes we buy expensive dresses to make people see us beyond our flaws. We sew the “reigning” ankara style to blend in. But after spending a lot of money, we still don’t feel confident in our bodies.

The pose of confidence

In the past I hated my body because I am much larger from my waist up than down and it was my believe that having a larger lower body was more beautiful. I bought into slimming tea fads, used girdles, barely ate properly and was almost never at ease at owambes. The struggle was real!

Everything changed when I learnt about body shapes. It was an “aha!” moment for me. It turned out to be that all I needed to truly slay was to love my body. To love body I needed to know my body- its shape and all. Well, that and a good fashion designer who knows how to interpret your desires and translate them into dresses designed to show off your assests.

Knowing the different body shapes and identifying which you are is very important. When you know your body shape, you learn how to “hide” parts you’re insecure about and emphasize those parts you are secure about. This can boost your confidence a great deal. Is there anything as beautiful and sexy as confidence?

By learning about the different body shapes, I learnt to love my body without spending money to buy anything. Now, whenever I go to owambes dressed in aso-ebi tailored for my shap, I do not have to suck in my stomach all day or worry about people laughing at my fat belly.