Fashion Courses

The fashion curricula has been developed to meet the high demand within the Country. They are continually evolving in response to changes in the field, offering the latest trends, skills and technology you need to succeed in the global economy whether your focus is fashion design or the business of fashion.

Certificate in Fashion Design

This bestseller beginners course is where most students start. It will take you through the very basic elements of design, sewing, machine use, basic pattern manipulation and garment construction for women’s wear. From concept to creation, you will be taught how to design, make patterns for your designs, cut and sew up a capsule collection made up of 6 garments. This course offers the best start in the process of anyone’s journey into garment making. The focus is to build strong sewing skills and get a full understanding of the process. While it remains a beginners level program, many students have taken this course and built on it to do great things!

Duration : 6 Months

Diploma in Fashion Design

This course provides advance creative, technical design and business training for students, In this course, students are taught both theory and practicals and also research to boost knowledge and to develop designs suitable for every size and body shape

Duration: 3 Months

Professional Sewing Techniques

This is a sewing course that focuses on intermediate level sewing techniques. Those who can sew but need to enhance their skills to a more professional level. Usually students will continue to develop and improve their sewing and pattern skills by working on several projects of their choice. Finishing techniques used in tailoring are the main focus, from full lining used in suiting to cuffs, pockets and various collars, cuffs, openings to types of zip finishing, this sewing course shows you the way to make your garments look clean and high end.

Duration: 3 Months

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