• Teyei’s Couture is a haute couture fashion brand and fashion academy that started from Jos, Nigeria.

    Teyei’s Couture was founded by Faith Teyei Afan in 2016. It is not just a brand aimed at producing unique and quality garments, but also runs an academy which trains young African women in fashion and entrepreneurship, empowering them with the right skill sets, mentorship to build their confidence, networking opportunities, and access to African fashion-related information. The brand was born in Jos out of Teyei’s drive to create high-quality African clothes, put her home city of Jos on the world fashion map, and to use fashion as a ‘tool to change the world for a better tomorrow.’

    Teyei’s Couture aims to be at the forefront of exploring the innovative path that combines fashion, education and technology.

  • In 2019, Teyei’s Couture was officially registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission and currently operates both in Jos and Abuja, Nigeria.

  • In September 14, 2019, Teyei’s Couture organized their first fashion meetup under the theme “The Role of Fashion in Plateau State: What Needs to Change” with the hashtag #JosFashionMeetUp out of the desire to have an intense discussion around the progress and challenges of the fashion industry in Plateau State. The event had in attendance other fashion designers, photographers, on-air personalities, bloggers, models, and possible investors, among others.

    From early March to late June 2021, Teyei’s Couture was ranked the number one according to Google’s ranking in “Best Fashion Designer in Jos”, “Best Fashion Academy in Jos”, “Best Fashion School in Jos”, and “Best African Couture in Jos”.

    Teyei’s Couture became the first fashion brand/academy in the whole on Northern Nigeria to organize a fashion webinar when they organized the first “Teyei’s Couture Webinar Series” on December 11, 2021. The webinar, themed “Fashion as a Way of Communication”, explored fashion as an important aspect of culture, forming part of the non-verbal aspect of communication and shaping relations in society. The webinar was moderated by Linda Wairegi, a Lifestyle Contributor at Nairobi Fashion Hub. Discussants included Hazel EKI Osunde, Designer and Owner of EKI Silk, Faith Teyei Afan, Fashion Designer and Founder of Teyei’s Couture, and Hava Amaka Rosenfeld, Lawyer Journalist & Author of Fashion as a Means of Communication.

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